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PAYLOADERS STRIKE! is a fast paced Character-Action FPS game. Climb atop the Inverted Tower of Concrete and dethrone its corrupted CEO in this dystopic future.

Destroy Concrete and its corruption!

Climb to the top of the Inverted Tower and defeat its personnel to put an end to the corporate tyranny that corrupts the city. Security forces are already onto you, but you have more than enough tools to put them on your side.

  • Integrated Combo System: Everything can be solved with flashy weapon combos!
  • All-Purpose Claw: Turn any enemy or object into a deadly tool.
  • Use your extensive arsenal to manipulate your enemies however you please.
  • Plow through the three layers of the Inverted Tower of Concrete - each with its own backstory.

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Development status

Payloaders Strike! is currently in development, with an estimated launch date on 2024. For this reason, we've taken down the old playable build as it no longer represents the finished product. We're working on a new Demo for 2023, so stay tuned!


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is there no NDA on the demo?

None at all!

...why would it be one anyways?

ok I'm thinking about doing a video on this though :)

That would be awesome!

If you decide on making it please share it with us.

Sure will do! :)

(1 edit)

I'm done and here's what I think of it...

Suggestions: Have there be more guns in the game for there to be more variety when playing the game overtime and to also make up your own loadout. Not have a limited or shared capacity of ammo for all guns. Make objects glow yellow when holding the gravity gun. Hopefully have Salvador tell you the controls and tutorials other than physical pink billboards.

Recommendations: make the death/game over screen be instantaneous. Have punching be RMB and have grabbing be the F key (or Make bindable keys). Have my character not bounce off the walls when dashing. Have the ground pound work for the C6 explosive pellets. Have there be audio cues for when the MANU cannon is firing so I'll know when to dash.

I like this game and it's gameplay aspect overall and hope to see more come out of it. Thank you :)